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Analytics Recipes
Customise a Dynamic Favicon With Google Tag Manager

Originating Author: Enrico Pavan, Founder, Data & CRO Director @ Analytics Boosters Introduction: While browsing an e-commerce more and more often we have a tendency to add to cart several items, just to see if at the checkout we might come across additional shipping charges or...

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How to read API response using Google Tag Manager and pass required data to Google Analytics

Before jumping to the solution, lets quickly understand what is API & its usage. So, What is API? API is an interface to access information stored in database/ Data warehouse of 3rd parties Let’s try to understand it by one example. Suppose you have travel portal, where you provide...

Analytics Recipes
How to track Keyboard Shortcuts via Google Tag Manager

Originating Author : Enrico Pavan, Founder, Data & CRO Director @ Analytics Boosters Introduction : Last week my fridge broke. And what’s with the recipe? Everything arises from the specs when looking for the new appliance, such as “No frost”, “Reversible doors”, etc. ...

Analytics Recipes
Send Events to Google Analytics from Google Tag Manager/Event tracking with GTM

Originating Author: Mary Vinitha Xavier & Divya S, Nabler Introduction: Google Analytics (GA), being a clickstream data source is important for understanding how people interact with your website. It gives you additional insights into their behaviour and how effective your...

Analytics Recipes
Leveraging User ID / Visitor ID

Originating Author: Vivek S V & Jayanth Kanala, Nabler Introduction: In the language of an analytics tool, a device/cookie is a customer. But the real world is so different. A customer can visit your website through multiple devices and channels but still, he needs to...

Analytics Recipes
Top Navigation Analysis

Originating Authors: Cory Lowe | Data C ollection Specialist, CWA | Evolytics Chase Porter | Associate Director of Marketing Analytics | Evolytics Introduction: This recipe will help analysts determine which top navigation links are clicked most often and how much website...

Analytics Recipes
Session Engagement Analysis

Originating Author: Caleb Whitmore Introduction: Digital Analytics has evolved far beyond the early days of the web where Pageviews were king. As such, metrics such as "average pages per session" and analysis around them need to evolve. This recipe is for deeper analysis of...

Analytics Recipes
Video Interaction Analysis

Originating Author: Andrew Wang Introduction: Embedded videos are now commonplace on websites. However, without accurate collection and analysis of video interaction data, significant insights into user behavior may be missed. This recipe touches on collection and analysis of video...