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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

  • Originating Authors:  Devanathan G & Cammillius R J Analysis Overview / Introduction:   Some companies invest heavily on whitepapers or case studies that visitors can download on their website. For those companies, it is important to have ...

  • Introduction:    This recipe is designed to help you identify and exclude spam sent to Google Analytics through direct HTTP requests (rather than a bot executing JavaScript). Analysis Overview:    While much of the discussion around non-human ...

  • Introduction:   Calculating return for a content piece should be done and is relatively easy to do; however most organizations do not take the time to understand if the content created is worth the effort and cost. Here is how you can get started. ...

  • Introduction:  Unless you currently live under a rock, you will probably not be shocked by my next statement. Videos on both the web and mobile are performing well. One-third of all activity spent online is spent watching video. So how do you ...

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