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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

  • Introduction: By adding demographic data to your web analytics data, you can quickly assess for opportunities to increase market share within a specific demographic, or identify a new market that you may not have been catering to. Analysis Overview:...

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    Recurring Revenue

    Introduction: Track recurring revenue if you have products that earn money based upon usage over time. Analysis Overview: There are some situations where organizations sell products that have a recurring revenue stream. In these cases, you...

  • Introduction : Understand how time spent affects or is affected by content. Do some experiences increase how engaged people are with content, and some cause them to wander away. Analysis Overview : Segments can be used to identify people who spend...

  • Analysis Overview/ Introduction: In order to better understand the differing values of your audience, visitor segmentation is essential. By analyzing visitor frequency with segmentation, you can determine whether the number of visits in a given period...

  • 'Percent of return visitors' is the proportion of users who visited your site beyond their first visit. 'Percent of new visitors' is the proportion of users visited your site for the first time. These numbers are beneficial to help your organization...

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