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How Web Analytics Can Supercharge Your Behavior Change Initiative

Just about every behavior change initiative today needs some kind of online presence. Many organizations build websites as a matter of course. But unfortunately, many websites are missed opportunities. Organizations that approach their website as an end product –– something you build and then it...

Analytics Recipes
Send Events to Google Analytics from Google Tag Manager/Event tracking with GTM

Originating Author: Mary Vinitha Xavier & Divya S, Nabler Introduction: Google Analytics (GA), being a clickstream data source is important for understanding how people interact with your website. It gives you additional insights into their behaviour and how effective your...

Analytics Recipes
Product Upsell Analysis

Originating Author: Christine Frey Introduction: Adding upsells to your website might be easy but is it as easy to analyse them and use the evaluated data to make strategic decisions? Analysis Overview: This Analytics Recipe deals with the practice of Product or Service...

Analytics Recipes
Customer Journey Analysis

Originating Author: Olga Tsubiks Introduction: Many organizations use customer journey analysis to understand the behavior of a segment of customers over a defined time period. Customer journey analysis can include cross-platform data from the web, mobile, and off-line . ...

Analytics Recipes
Scoring Customer Churn-Risk Before They Actually Leave You

Originating Author : Israel Kloss Introduction: Customers don’t tell you when and why they are at risk of switching to a competitor or just dropping out altogether. This kind of business intelligence is becoming a much more important corporate tool. Analysis Overview: You can do this...