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Analytics Recipes
Tracking of Direct File Downloads from Search Engines

Originating Author: Arunkumar S , Delivery Manager, Nabler Introduction Major Search engines like Google offers a unique feature with which the users get the ability to directly access the files present in a website. This also helps the businesses by providing the...

Analytics Recipes
Acquisition. Behavior. Outcome. Our Approach to Analyzing Content Downloads

Originating Author: D evanathan G & Cammillius R J, Nabler Analysis Overview / Introduction: Some companies invest heavily on whitepapers or case studies that visitors can download on their website. For those companies, it is important to have a way to measure the ROI of that...

Analytics Recipes

Originating Author: Travis S. Barnes Analysis Overview/ Introduction: For many sites, downloads are a primary KPI for understanding interest in a product or solution, user engagement, or possibly even the first steps to a conversion funnel. Analysis Benefits: Especially when downloads...

Analytics Recipes
Link Clicks

Originating Author: Travis S. Barnes Analysis Overview/ Introduction: Link click analysis can be used for a variety of reasons and in several unique situations. Understanding the links which are clicked may help you better understand your own user experience and possibly even user intent. ...