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Analytics Recipes
This could be your first CRO analysis!

Originating Author Ram Kishore Pasupathi, Senior Analytics Consultant, Nabler Introduction To make simple yet effective Conversion Rate Optimization set out for your website Analysis Overview The efficacy to convert visitors into customers through desirable actions on your...

Analytics Recipes
Conversion Rate

Author: Christine Frey Introduction: A recipe which deals with exploring one of the top KPIs for your digital company Analysis Overview: Conversion Rate can be described as the measurement, indicating the percentage of your audience that performs the action which you would...

Analytics Recipes
Product Upsell Analysis

Originating Author: Christine Frey Introduction: Adding upsells to your website might be easy but is it as easy to analyse them and use the evaluated data to make strategic decisions? Analysis Overview: This Analytics Recipe deals with the practice of Product or Service...

Analytics Recipes
Checkout Start Rate and Completion Rate

Originating Author: Kristi Morin Introduction: For e-commerce sites, there is no metric more important than the checkout conversion rate since that equates to actual revenue coming in for your business. But secondary in importance are the checkout start and...

Analytics Recipes
Customer Journey Analysis

Originating Author: Olga Tsubiks Introduction: Many organizations use customer journey analysis to understand the behavior of a segment of customers over a defined time period. Customer journey analysis can include cross-platform data from the web, mobile, and off-line . ...

Analytics Recipes
Form Completion Rate

Introduction : Analyze form completion rates and some bonus materials on how to start moving into optimizing. This analysis can be helpful on lead generation heavy website or engagement points. Forms can either be found within the users experience on the website or within a landing page that...

Analytics Recipes
New and Returning Buyer Conversion Rate

Originating Author: Dani Walter, Digital Analyst at Analytics Pros Introduction: For ecommerce sites, the most powerful & telling metric is conversion rate. All segmentation roads lead to the final question of, “Did the user buy something, and have they purchased...

Analytics Recipes
Time-Machine User Analysis (first session of winning users)

Originating Author: Caleb Whitmore Introduction : This is one of my favorite analysis techniques. It enables you to isolate what the initial session looks like for users who have an ideal outcome, such as a transaction or conversion event and compare those initial sessions to...