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DAA Member Benefit: Mentoring Program

One of the strongest benefits in DAA is the Mentoring Program , started by our Women in Analytics community but open to all interested members. The impact of mentoring – both for the mentee and the mentor – cannot be overstated. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships...

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It takes a make a great analyst

When we enter the workforce, it is often with a handful of skills and just enough gumption to get hired. Years are spent learning and growing to become the women we want to be professionally and personally. In looking back over the last twenty plus years of my analytics career, I wonder how I...

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My Mentoring Experience

Last year I had the opportunity to participate in the Women in Analytics Mentoring Pilot and I’ve continued my participation in the program as both a mentee and mentor. Like many of us who are pressed for time, I’ve had to be strategic about what to explore and engage in when it comes to...

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Keys to a Successful Mentoring Relationship

Mentoring is an effective method for helping other women develop and progress in the Digital Analytics profession. It comes with important responsibilities for both a mentor and mentee in order for the relationship to be successful. Here is an overview on what a successful relationship looks...