DAA Member Benefit: Mentoring Program

By Marilee Yorchak posted 07-02-2019 02:59 PM


One of the strongest benefits in DAA is the Mentoring Program, started by our Women in Analytics community but open to all interested members.

The impact of mentoring – both for the mentee and the mentor – cannot be overstated. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on people in a variety of personal and professional situations.* Specifically, mentoring relationships improve career outcomes, employee engagement, retention, and inclusion for all parties involved.*

Because DAA members designed the program, it stays true to the mission of DAA’s Women in Analytics initiative by requiring that at least one woman be on either side of the mentoring relationship.  In addition, the time commitment is reasonable and flexible: we recommend mentors and mentees meet (call, video chat, email or meet in person) a minimum of one time per month for an hour for six months (six hours total). 

Our mission at DAA is advancing the use of data to understand and improve the digital world through professional development and community. Make the most of your membership by participating in the DAA Mentoring Program.





07-05-2019 09:32 PM

I can't agree more on the impact! I have just finished my second mentoring engagement and I have really enjoyed mentoring the two young ladies I worked with. My second mentee went from student to now analytics intern in a marketing agency; after the 6 months we worked together on building analytics skills through Skype video calls, phone calls, and also met in person at the Women in Analytics conference! 

While a mentoring relationship is first and foremost to benefit the mentee, I believe that the mentor has just as much to gain in leadership skills,  confidence, and knowledge. Mentoring can be equally as beneficial as it gives mentors a chance to self reflect, and consider their own lessons as they walk their mentees into their journey.  

07-03-2019 05:43 AM

I reside in a rural area where there are little to no people to collaborate with as most work in the trades. That being said, I have had been through a DAA hosted mentorship and it was very helpful. 

The biggest benefit for me was the insight of someone that has been in the field long enough to explain the pros/cons of each branch of 'digital analytics' and then discussing what skills are most valuable for the branch that I found most alluring. Though our formal mentorship is over we still stay in touch from time to time.

I would highly recommend giving it a shot!

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