Jim Sterne

Board Chair Emeritus,
Digital Analytics Association

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Digital Analytics Association
211 East Victoria St
Suite E
Santa Barbara, CA
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Primary: (805) 965-3184

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I want to be an evangelist, a zealot, a missionary championing analytics, testing, and data-driven decisions with religious fervor, raising my voice in the metaphoric wilderness. I want people to recognize that advertising becomes effective as it becomes more relevant, that analytics are essential for a deeper understanding of customer intent, and that understanding intent is a precursor to providing relevance.

I want to be able to say that I wrote those words, but I stole them from Charles Thrasher - on his blog post Why Attend eMetrics

Job History

Digital Analytics Association
January 2005 - present

eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit
January 2002 - present

Rising Media, Inc.
January 1993 - present

Softool Corporation
National Marketing Manager
January 1985 - January 1992

Business Information Systems
January 1980 - January 1985