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Stéphane Hamel is a seasoned independent consultant, distinguished thought leader in the field of digital analytics and Faculty Chair, Digital Analytics, for SimpliLearn / Market Motive. Recognized as a Google Product Strategy Expert (2016) and considered one the Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association (2012), he has made significant contributions to the industry, including creating the Digital Analytics Maturity Model, authoring the Radical Analytics Manifesto and the Web Analytics Solution Profiler (WASP) quality assurance tool, as well as other tools and concepts throughout the years.

Stéphane previously held a leadership position with the award-winning Cardinal Path agency, board positions with the DAA and has taught hundreds of students enrolled in the UBC's Award of Achievement in Digital Analytics course and graduate-level marketing classes at Laval University. In addition, Stéphane co-manages the largest Google Analytics user community on Google Plus, and serves on a number of advisory boards for agencies, start-ups, and vendors in the digital analytics industry.

► digital analytics maturity assessment & roadmap development
► speaking, training, coaching, teaching, writing about digital analytics
► tackling complex digital analytics issues
► online analytics & business analysis
► eBusiness & online strategies
► strategic consulting and orientation
► solution design and recommendations
► web analytics implementation and audits