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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

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    Net Product Sales

    Introduction: Net Product Sales is important for merchants who have high return or cancellation rates or may want to remove shipping & handling revenue from their sales numbers to more accurately reflect product sales performance. Once calculated,...

  • Introduction: Product Contribution Margin is one of the most important retail and ecommerce KPIs as it measures how different products and/or categories are contributing to cover the fixed expenses and the profitability of the business. Analysis...

  • Introduction: Analysis of a Page or App Screen's Revisit Rate (on a per-session basis) seeks to understand the number of distinct times a given session or user views the same page or app screen during that session and understand the implications of...

  • Introduction: Digital Analytics has evolved far beyond the early days of the web where Pageviews were king. As such, metrics such as "average pages per session" and analysis around them need to evolve. This recipe is for deeper analysis of engagement...

  • Introduction : This is one of my favorite analysis techniques. It enables you to isolate what the initial session looks like for users who have an ideal outcome, such as a transaction or conversion event and compare those initial sessions to what...

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