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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

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    Bounce Rate Analysis

    Introduction: How to identify landing pages where many users leave without engaging Analysis Overview: Being a marketer, you are responsible for driving consumers to your digital properties and facilitate them with an experience, which...

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    A/B Testing

    Introduction: How to compare the performance of two different versions of content Analysis Overview: In this recipe, we are going to talk about how to conduct an A/B test in order to compare the performance of two different versions of the...

  • Originating Author: JF Amprimoz Introduction: An early step in analytics configuration and a prerequisite to many other useful forms of analysis. Analysis Overview: E-commerce operations can use sales to identify successful campaigns,...

  • Originating Author : Israel Kloss Introduction: Customers don’t tell you when and why they are at risk of switching to a competitor or just dropping out altogether. This kind of business intelligence is becoming a much more important...

  • Originating Author : Marissa Goldsmith Introduction: Take a look at your "vital stats" for a before/after view of a website redesign. Analysis Overview: If you're redesigning your website, hopefully, you've done so with some goals in...

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