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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

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    Visit Score

    Introduction: Despite what you have heard, measuring a website is not a linear process. Users do not convert every visit, the customers that do convert may never visit your site again, and for some sites, the term "conversion" really doesn't apply....

  • Analysis Overview/ Introduction : An understanding of visitor retention is vital to analyzing and improving the “stickiness” of your site experience and content. Improving stickiness is key to contributes to optimizing your customer lifetime...

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    Revenue Bands

    Introduction: In addition to seeing website Average Order Value (AOV), sometimes businesses will want to see the distribution of orders in discrete revenue groupings or bands. Analysis Overview: Most online retailers know how to compute their...

  • Introduction: The Alternate Conversion Flow analysis is used to determine how different conversion flows perform when multiple exist. Analysis Overview: Often times, websites will have multiple versions of their conversion flows. Whether the...

  • Introduction: In a past recipe related to Average Internal Search Position , it was shown how to calculate the average search position clicked. This recipe demonstrates how to see the KPI influence of each internal search position so you can see...

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