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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

  • Introduction: The Landing Page Stickiness recipe is about determining which of your landing pages are most likely to make users return for subsequent visits Analysis Overview: When working for our clients to drive leads, acquisitions, sales...

  • Introduction: Provide a way to see which website search terms lead directly to site exits Analysis Overview: Many websites use onsite search as a way to find content or products. However, many times visitors conduct searches and leave...

  • Introduction: Provide a way to see how often visitors are using product cross-sell and which products cross-sell each other Analysis Overview: Many websites use cross-sell areas to try and get visitors to add additional products to their...

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    Cohort Analysis

    Introduction: Analyze actions or the behavior of a group of people sharing a common characteristic during a particular time span. Analysis Overview: This Cohort Analysis recipe will walk through the steps on how to pull the raw data, create...

  • Introduction: Most donation and analytics platforms may let you know how many people visited a donation form and subsequently left. But this can leave you wondering why they left. Does your form have usability issues? Is there a form field that's...

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