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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

  • Originating Author: Adam Greco Introduction: Great way to find out how often your website search tool finds no content! Analysis Overview: The goal of this analysis is to show content owners what people are looking for, but not finding....

  • Originating Author: Stephane Hamel Introduction: Stop looking at Top 10, look at "movers and shakers" instead. Analysis Overview: Be it top content or top products, you will quickly find out the top ones tends to be the same over and...

  • Originating Author : ​Lea Pica Introduction: Open rates for marketing emails are staggering low in comparison to the scale of our lists. There are steps we can take to maximize engagement with each campaign beyond the first send! Analysis...

  • Originating Author: Tim Wilson Introduction: We assume all visitors fill out forms easily and perfectly... but when we track that assumption, it doesn't necessarily hold up! Analysis Overview: The last step in many key conversions is...

  • Originating Author: Tim Wilson Introduction: "Our competitor's site loads twice as fast as ours with half the downtime" is a compelling statement. Analysis Overview: Measuring site load times with a web analytics platform is, at best,...

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