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DAA Digital Analytics Recipes - Summaries

  • Introduction: Provide a way to see the order in which website visitors add products to the shopping cart. Analysis Overview: For websites that have products that can be added to the cart, it is not typically easy to see which products...

  • Introduction: Determine which website methods visitors are using to find products that they ultimately purchase. Analysis Overview: Most websites offer various methods of finding products. Common ones include promotional images, onsite search,...

  • Introduction: Analyze how deep visitors are going into your internal search results in general and for each search phrase Analysis Overview: Website visitors conduct searches on your website, they are hoping to get immediate, relevant results....

  • Introduction: Analyze your website's cart conversion rate based upon the price of products added to the shopping cart. Analysis Overview: Website visitors add products to the shopping cart all the time, but many are not purchased. One analysis...

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    Bounce Rate Analysis

    Introduction: How to identify landing pages where many users leave without engaging Analysis Overview: Being a marketer, you are responsible for driving consumers to your digital properties and facilitate them with an experience, which...

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