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Analytics Recipes
Purchase Cycle (visits or days to purchase)

Originating Author: Abhinav Sharma Why this is important? We know that especially when it comes to travel and hospitality sector, users refer multiple websites and use multiple channels (meta search, OTAs etc.) before actually zeroing down on a purchase. On average, package bookers...

Analytics Recipes
Percentage of High, Medium, and Low Time Spent Visits

Originating Author: Bret Gundersen, Director of Product Management, Adobe Analytics Introduction : Understand how time spent affects or is affected by content. Do some experiences increase how engaged people are with content, and some cause them to wander away. Analysis Overview :...

Analytics Recipes
Visit Score

Originating Author: John Glinski Introduction: Despite what you have heard, measuring a website is not a linear process. Users do not convert every visit, the customers that do convert may never visit your site again, and for some sites, the term "conversion" really doesn't apply....

Analytics Recipes
Percentage of Visits from Mobile Devices

Originating Author: Matthew Young Introduction : It's critical, now more than ever, to understand where your users come from. And nowhere is that more evident than on mobile devices. So many people are seeking digital experiences away from desktops and laptops, that not recording this data...

Analytics Recipes
Average Revenue per Visitor or Visit

Originating Author: Jen Lasser Introduction: Calculate key metrics related to revenue. Analysis Overview: Revenue is one of the key performance indicators (KPI) for a digital business. This recipe explains how to create calculated metrics from this KPI, and potential analysis actions...