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Analytics Recipes
How to track core web vitals with Google Tag Manager

Originating Author: Matteo Zambon Introduction: In this guide, I’ll explain to you the easiest way to track Core Web Vitals (if you don’t know what Core Web Vitas are, click here) i.e. metrics that are the new ranking factor in SEO for Google. This post is inspired by: ...

Analytics Recipes
Customise a Dynamic Favicon With Google Tag Manager

Originating Author: Enrico Pavan, Founder, Data & CRO Director @ Analytics Boosters Introduction: While browsing an e-commerce more and more often we have a tendency to add to cart several items, just to see if at the checkout we might come across additional shipping charges or...

Analytics Recipes
Implementing History Change Trigger in Google Tag Manager

Originating Author: Esteann Afonso , Nabler Introduction: Have you ever wondered how single-page application using frameworks like Angular , VUE , React track page views ? Since all the necessary code for these frameworks are loaded once during the entire user session, how are these...

Analytics Recipes
Script to Export All the Google Analytics Goals & Funnels in Google Spreadsheet

Originating Author: Awanish Dubey Introduction: Are you looking for any script which can download all the Google Analytics goals and its details in google spreadsheet? Then you are on the right site. Just to refresh your knowledge, goals are of 5 types i.e. Destination Goal Duration...

Analytics Recipes
Careers Site Deep Dish with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Originating Author: Marc Richard Introduction: This recipe shows how to use Google Analytics (GA) Enhanced Ecommerce (EE) to measure job-level activity for your company's Careers Site. Why use the GA EE framework? Careers site users often view more than one job posting and...

Analytics Recipes
Optimization Using Search Console Reports in Google Analytics

Originating Author: Shafiya Zareen, Nabler Introduction: For most of the websites, organic channel plays a pivotal role both interms of volume and optimization effort. For this reason, we need to make sure that the analysis on the channel is holistic. It is not enough that we look at only...

Analytics Recipes
Extract Google Analytics Data in R

Originating Author: Kamonashis Naug,Nabler Analysis Overview/Introduction: This recipe explains the procedure of extracting google analytics data in R Analysis Benefits: This recipe will help you to automate your google analytics data pulls and will make reporting process more...

Analytics Recipes
Implementing Content Grouping in Google Analytics

Originating Authors Neha Paul, George Varghese, Nabler Introduction In a fast-changing digital environment, more and more content is being made available online. This also means that you as a marketer would be pushing more content on your site to stay ahead of the competition. Be it an e...

Analytics Recipes
Import MailChimp Automations in Google Data Studio

Originating Author: Enrico Pavan, Founder, Data & CRO Director @ Analytics Boosters Introduction: Few months ago I wrote an article focused on how to import Mailchimp Campaign data in Google Data Studio. Now, to achieve a full implementation, I just rebuild the...