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Analytics Recipes
Identify True Lies of AB Test Results

Originating Author: Shamyaditya Singh Deo, Sr. Consultant, Nabler Introduction: Learning from a failed A/B test is like solving a murder mystery. You need to treat everything as an evidence and preserve your findings to crack it. Wear that Sherlock’s hat. A lot of time, effort and...

Analytics Recipes
Alternate Conversion Flows

Originating Author: Adam Greco Introduction: The Alternate Conversion Flow analysis is used to determine how different conversion flows perform when multiple exist. Analysis Overview: Often times, websites will have multiple versions of their conversion flows. Whether the...

Analytics Recipes
A/B Testing

Originating Author: Sushant Ajmani Introduction: How to compare the performance of two different versions of content Analysis Overview: In this recipe, we are going to talk about how to conduct an A/B test in order to compare the performance of two different versions of the...

Analytics Recipes
“Second Chance” Email Subject Line Analysis

Originating Author: ​Lea Pica ​ Introduction: Open rates for marketing emails are staggering low in comparison to the scale of our lists. There are steps we can take to maximize engagement with each campaign beyond the first send! Analysis Overview : This...