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Analytics Recipes
Ratio of New to Returning Visitors

Originating Author: Travis S. Barnes Analysis Overview/ Introduction: An understanding of visitor retention is vital to analyzing and improving the “stickiness” of your site experience and content. Improving stickiness is key to contributes to optimizing your customer lifetime...

Analytics Recipes
Average Visits per Visitor

Originating Author: Jill Gutterman Introduction : Understanding and analyzing the ratio of how many times a single visitor visits your website. Analysis Overview : The main goal of this analysis is to understand what type of repeat visiting behavior your website experience is driving....

Analytics Recipes
Landing Page Stickiness

Originating Author: Andrew Richardson Introduction: The Landing Page Stickiness recipe is about determining which of your landing pages are most likely to make users return for subsequent visits Analysis Overview: When working for our clients to drive leads, acquisitions, sales...