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Analytics Recipes
Ecommerce - Product Net Sales

Originating Author: Casey Carey, Director of Marketing, Google Analytics Introduction: Net Product Sales is important for merchants who have high return or cancellation rates or may want to remove shipping & handling revenue from their sales numbers to more accurately reflect...

Analytics Recipes
Products Out of Stock

Originating Author: Adam Greco Introduction: Determine the impact of products being out of stock on website/app. Analysis Overview: If your organization sells products, there may be cases in which certain products are out of stock. In these cases it would be good if...

Analytics Recipes
Recurring Revenue

Originating Author: Adam Greco Introduction: Track recurring revenue if you have products that earn money based upon usage over time. Analysis Overview: There are some situations where organizations sell products that have a recurring revenue stream. In these cases, you may...

Analytics Recipes
Average Revenue Per User

Originating Author: Andrew Adamson Introduction Average revenue per user (ARPU) is a powerful metric to help determine the effectiveness of revenue generating activities on your site or platform. W Overview ARPU is a simple calculation which allows one to determine how much...

Analytics Recipes
Percent of revenue attributed to new and returning customers

Originating Author : Annie Houston Objective : To gain insight into the percentage (or amount) of revenue attributed to ‘new' and ‘returning' visitors on your site Analysis Recipe : 1. Identify new and returning customers. One way to accomplish this is by creating a visit-level segment...

Analytics Recipes
Revenue Bands

Originating Author: Adam Greco Introduction: In addition to seeing website Average Order Value (AOV), sometimes businesses will want to see the distribution of orders in discrete revenue groupings or bands. Analysis Overview: Most online retailers know how to compute their...

Analytics Recipes
Average Revenue per Visitor or Visit

Originating Author: Jen Lasser Introduction: Calculate key metrics related to revenue. Analysis Overview: Revenue is one of the key performance indicators (KPI) for a digital business. This recipe explains how to create calculated metrics from this KPI, and potential analysis actions...