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Analytics Recipes
Percent of revenue attributed to new and returning customers

Originating Author : Annie Houston Objective : To gain insight into the percentage (or amount) of revenue attributed to ‘new' and ‘returning' visitors on your site Analysis Recipe : 1. Identify new and returning customers. One way to accomplish this is by creating a visit-level segment...

Analytics Recipes
Ratio of New to Returning Visitors

Originating Author: Travis S. Barnes Analysis Overview/ Introduction: An understanding of visitor retention is vital to analyzing and improving the “stickiness” of your site experience and content. Improving stickiness is key to contributes to optimizing your customer lifetime...

Analytics Recipes
Percent of New/Return Visitors

'Percent of return visitors' is the proportion of users who visited your site beyond their first visit. 'Percent of new visitors' is the proportion of users visited your site for the first time. These numbers are beneficial to help your organization understand if you are getting a high churn in...