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Analytics Recipes
Ecommerce - New, Repeat, and Reactivated Customer Segmentation

Originating Author: Casey Carey, Director of Marketing, Google Analytics Introduction: The size, health, and composition of your customer file is one of the most important KPIs, especially for an ecommerce business. It provides an indication of the overall health of the business and...

Analytics Recipes
Average Revenue Per User

Originating Author: Andrew Adamson Introduction Average revenue per user (ARPU) is a powerful metric to help determine the effectiveness of revenue generating activities on your site or platform. W Overview ARPU is a simple calculation which allows one to determine how much...

Analytics Recipes
Ratio of New to Returning Visitors

Originating Author: Travis S. Barnes Analysis Overview/ Introduction: An understanding of visitor retention is vital to analyzing and improving the “stickiness” of your site experience and content. Improving stickiness is key to contributes to optimizing your customer lifetime...