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Analytics Recipes
Form Completion Rate

Introduction : Analyze form completion rates and some bonus materials on how to start moving into optimizing. This analysis can be helpful on lead generation heavy website or engagement points. Forms can either be found within the users experience on the website or within a landing page that...

Analytics Recipes
Identifying and Tracking Lead Generation Goals

Originating Author: JF Amprimoz Introduction: An early step in analytics configuration and a prerequisite to many other useful forms of analysis. Analysis Overview: E-commerce operations can use sales to identify successful campaigns, and integrations between analytics and e...

Analytics Recipes
Drive to Site Analysis for B2B Lead Gen Activities

Originating Author: Steve Lendt Introduction: Working specifically in B2B marketing for the last 4+ years, I have had to learn the nuances of marketing for clients that have longer sales cycles and little brand awareness. Analysis Overview : How do you know which...