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Analytics Recipes
How to track core web vitals with Google Tag Manager

Originating Author: Matteo Zambon Introduction: In this guide, I’ll explain to you the easiest way to track Core Web Vitals (if you don’t know what Core Web Vitas are, click here) i.e. metrics that are the new ranking factor in SEO for Google. This post is inspired by: ...

Analytics Recipes
Extract Google Analytics Data in R

Originating Author: Kamonashis Naug,Nabler Analysis Overview/Introduction: This recipe explains the procedure of extracting google analytics data in R Analysis Benefits: This recipe will help you to automate your google analytics data pulls and will make reporting process more...

Analytics Recipes
Implementing Content Grouping in Google Analytics

Originating Authors Neha Paul, George Varghese, Nabler Introduction In a fast-changing digital environment, more and more content is being made available online. This also means that you as a marketer would be pushing more content on your site to stay ahead of the competition. Be it an e...

Analytics Recipes
Deep dive in creating and using variables in GTM and DTM

Originating Author: Divya S, Arun Kumar P, Nabler Introduction: You are in a war and you need weapons to proceed further. God has then appeared and gifted you a set of ready-to-use weapons. He also gifted you weapon ingredients so that you can also craft weapons that suit your...

Analytics Recipes
Identify True Lies of AB Test Results

Originating Author: Shamyaditya Singh Deo, Sr. Consultant, Nabler Introduction: Learning from a failed A/B test is like solving a murder mystery. You need to treat everything as an evidence and preserve your findings to crack it. Wear that Sherlock’s hat. A lot of time, effort and...

Analytics Recipes
This could be your first CRO analysis!

Originating Author Ram Kishore Pasupathi, Senior Analytics Consultant, Nabler Introduction To make simple yet effective Conversion Rate Optimization set out for your website Analysis Overview The efficacy to convert visitors into customers through desirable actions on your...

Analytics Recipes
Governance/structure for campaign tracking

Originating Author Carine Paul, Nabler Introduction: Well designed and thought out campaigns can help companies increase the brand awareness, reputation, traffic or sales among other benefits. Tagging campaigns gives us the ability to generate valuable and actionable data, and...

Analytics Recipes
Conversion Rate

Author: Christine Frey Introduction: A recipe which deals with exploring one of the top KPIs for your digital company Analysis Overview: Conversion Rate can be described as the measurement, indicating the percentage of your audience that performs the action which you would...

Analytics Recipes
Calculating ROI for Content

Originating Author: Peter J. Avellino Introduction: Calculating return for a content piece should be done and is relatively easy to do; however most organizations do not take the time to understand if the content created is worth the effort and cost. Here is how you can get started. ...