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Analytics Recipes
How to track individual customer engagements on E-commerce properties across devices and channels

Originating Author Arunkumar S , Delivery Manager, Nabler Introduction Customer engagement as a metric in e-commerce businesses is somewhat underrated. Deserving attention is not given to this when compared to the final conversion or a sale. The customer engagement touch points aka...

Analytics Recipes
Cross-device Tracking and Attribution

Originating Author : Jason Studstill Introduction : Cross-device tracking provides a holistic view of user behavior across platforms. Understanding user behavior across platforms is vital in today’s mobile-first and IOT ecosystem. Analysis Overview : The main goal...

Analytics Recipes
Percentage of Visits from Mobile Devices

Originating Author: Matthew Young Introduction : It's critical, now more than ever, to understand where your users come from. And nowhere is that more evident than on mobile devices. So many people are seeking digital experiences away from desktops and laptops, that not recording this data...