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Analytics Recipes
Creating a digital analytics data collection guide

Originating Author : Rémy Balangué Introduction : Before starting any analytics project, it is important to understand the reason why you’ve been asked to track the site or mobile application. This recipe will guide you through the main steps to be followed to create the ideal data...

Blog Entry
How to Tame the Data Beast: Building a Data Warehouse

Many enterprise-sized businesses use legacy systems, such as Microsoft Excel, to collect, cleanse, store, and analyze data from separate sources, such as their CRM, Google Analytics, and call centers. Maintaining the legacy processes by which they collect data from these siloed sources takes up...

Analytics Recipes
Adding Historical and Statistical Context to Your Trended Reports

Originating Author: Halee Kotara Introduction: Traffic and conversion numbers go up and down every day. When looking at trended data, it can be difficult to know when an increase or decrease is truly significant. Sometimes our stakeholders can unnecessarily panic about a dip, or...