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Analytics Recipes

Originating Author: Pranav Patil Introduction: An attribution model is set of rules, that determines how credit is assigned for KPIs (visits, sales, conversions, etc.) to touchpoints in the conversion path to better optimize your marketing strategy and spend on various channels. ...

Analytics Recipes
R Heatmap Visualization Tutorial

Originating Author: Ryan Praskievicz Introduction: This is a tutorial on how to create heatmap data visualizations using R. You'll learn how to create an hourly sessions (visits) by day of week heatmap and a page scroll depth heatmap. Hourly session data by day heatmap Page...

Analytics Recipes
How to Measure and Track Customer Satisfaction with Net Promoter Score

Originating Author: Hazel Jaramillo Introduction: Net Promoter Score (NPS) is generally considered the most reliable measurement of customer satisfaction. Analysis Overview: Monitoring this measurement and drilling down on responses to a follow-up open-ended question can provide a...

Analytics Recipes
Customer Journey Analysis

Originating Author: Olga Tsubiks Introduction: Many organizations use customer journey analysis to understand the behavior of a segment of customers over a defined time period. Customer journey analysis can include cross-platform data from the web, mobile, and off-line . ...

Analytics Recipes
Ecommerce - New, Repeat, and Reactivated Customer Segmentation

Originating Author: Casey Carey, Director of Marketing, Google Analytics Introduction: The size, health, and composition of your customer file is one of the most important KPIs, especially for an ecommerce business. It provides an indication of the overall health of the business and...

Analytics Recipes
Percent of New/Return Customers

'Percent of return customers' is the proportion of users who purchased something on your site beyond their first visit. 'Percent of new customers' is the proportion of users who purchased something on your site on their first visit. These numbers are beneficial to help your organization...