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Analytics Recipes
Governance/structure for campaign tracking

Originating Author Carine Paul, Nabler Introduction: Well designed and thought out campaigns can help companies increase the brand awareness, reputation, traffic or sales among other benefits. Tagging campaigns gives us the ability to generate valuable and actionable data, and...

Analytics Recipes
Digital Marketing Channels: Tagging and Strategy

Originating Authors: Dave Gatdula , CWA, Dallas Chapter Leader | Digital Analytics Manager Shilpa Nicodemus | Sr Architect, Digital Architecture Introduction: “Hey, [VeryImportantAnalyst], why is the tracking from the new campaign/promo not coming in?” “Why is ...

Analytics Recipes
Campaign Tracking Code – Tagging Digital Marketing Tactics

Originating Author: Kerri Adcock and Leslie Adkins Introduction: Tagging of digital marketing tactics is done through the use of a campaign tracking code in a query string parameter, which is made up of a combination of tokens separated by a delimiter. Analysis Overview: Use...

Analytics Recipes
Campaign Tracking Taxonomy

Originating Author: Casey Carey, Director of Marketing, Google Analytics Introduction: Even the most sophisticated marketers struggle to consistently define and tag their campaigns which is critical for meaningful performance analysis and reporting. To do this successfully, you need...