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Analytics Recipes
Digital Marketing Channels: Tagging and Strategy

Originating Authors: Dave Gatdula , CWA, Dallas Chapter Leader | Digital Analytics Manager Shilpa Nicodemus | Sr Architect, Digital Architecture Introduction: “Hey, [VeryImportantAnalyst], why is the tracking from the new campaign/promo not coming in?” “Why is ...

Analytics Recipes

Originating Author: Pranav Patil Introduction: An attribution model is set of rules, that determines how credit is assigned for KPIs (visits, sales, conversions, etc.) to touchpoints in the conversion path to better optimize your marketing strategy and spend on various channels. ...

Analytics Recipes
Digital Marketing Influence to Sales Pipeline

Originating Author: Eric Ramos, Director of Analytics - BusinessOnline Introduction: Traditionally the B2B sales cycle is complicated in that it often involves many people in the buying decision coming in from various channels and takes 12 – 18 months for an opportunity to close....

Analytics Recipes
Cross-device Tracking and Attribution

Originating Author : Jason Studstill Introduction : Cross-device tracking provides a holistic view of user behavior across platforms. Understanding user behavior across platforms is vital in today’s mobile-first and IOT ecosystem. Analysis Overview : The main goal...

Analytics Recipes
Campaign Tracking Taxonomy

Originating Author: Casey Carey, Director of Marketing, Google Analytics Introduction: Even the most sophisticated marketers struggle to consistently define and tag their campaigns which is critical for meaningful performance analysis and reporting. To do this successfully, you need...