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Careers Site Deep Dish with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

  • 1.  Careers Site Deep Dish with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

    Bronze MVP
    Posted 10-28-2019 11:41 AM

    Introduction:  This recipe shows how to use Google Analytics (GA) Enhanced Ecommerce (EE) to measure job-level activity for your company's Careers Site.  Why use the GA EE framework?  Careers site users often view more than one job posting and/or complete more than one Application in a Session, so using GA Goals won't work as those are counted only once per session.  Instead, for example, by using EE's Unique Purchases metric as a proxy for Job Apply Completes, GA will allow you to count these many times per session.

    Your company likely has a Careers site already running Google Analytics.  Use this recipe to evolve your Careers site tracking and get deep dish insights!

    Analysis Overview:  See insights at the granular job level.  The solution becomes more powerful when you use GA Data Import to collect additional job attributes, such as:  title, department, hiring manager, position type and posting start date.  Just imagine being able to identify which departments or hiring managers have the highest job application start-to-complete rates!

    Analysis Benefits:  Expanding on the Analysis Overview above, this completed recipe will provide additional insights:

    1. Departments that convert Job Application Completes at the highest/lowest rates
    2. Marketing Channels that lead to the most Job Posting Views
    3. Job Postings that have the most Apply Starts
    4. Job Application form optimizations that lead to the most Apply Completes
    5. and many more!
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    Marc Richard
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