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Customer journey analysis with Indicative (using Firebase App Analytics data)

  • 1.  Customer journey analysis with Indicative (using Firebase App Analytics data)

    Posted 11-19-2020 03:22 PM

    Introduction:  Analyzing customer journey with advanced segmentation and event conditions in Indicative with a BigQuery event dataset (source Firebase BigQuery extract). This recipe is inspired by my magic tricks article on Medium

    Analysis Overview:  This analysis proposes an answer to the customer journey questions that I typically hear from analysts or product managers within the context of limited Firebase built-in reporting. They are typically looking to visualize customer journeys and lack the technical acumen to build advanced dashboards through the BigQuery export of Firebase. The analysis here uses Indicative tool which I came across while looking for a tool that supports Firebase BigQuery exports and offers some out of the box functionality for insights and customer analytics without spending too much time customizing data exports or setting up complex logic.

    Analysis Benefits:  

    1. Quick insights on customer journey for event based model datasets 
    2. no-code approach to get advanced analysis and insights on raw BigQuery exports for Firebase or GA4 data, also applicable to other platforms 
    3. Review different segmentation methods to analysis event-based modeled data 
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