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Acquisition. Behavior. Outcome. Our Approach to Analyzing Content Downloads

  • 1.  Acquisition. Behavior. Outcome. Our Approach to Analyzing Content Downloads

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    Posted 07-27-2017 01:14 PM
    Edited by Cammillius Jeyadev 07-28-2017 02:59 PM
    Originating Authors: 

    Devanathan G & Cammillius R J

    Analysis Overview / Introduction:

    Some companies invest heavily on whitepapers or case studies that visitors can download on their website. For those companies, it is important to have a way to measure the ROI of that content and understand how it impacts their business goals. With this insight, we can determine if content downloads are helping, and which ones to invest in further.

    Content downloads are often viewed as micro conversions on the way to a more important macro conversion that is lower in the acquisition funnel, and therefore, are an important part of the acquisition process. By understanding the user experience before and after a download, and learning how certain downloads influence macro conversions, we can optimize the user experience, invest in the right content downloads and improve our business.

    Analysis Benefits: 

    This deep-dive will help you uncover the following insights: 

    1. How content that is downloaded drives return visitors 
    2. Common visitor behavior prior to downloading content 
    3. The content you should invest in further or divest from
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