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This could be your first CRO analysis!

  • 1.  This could be your first CRO analysis!

    Posted 01-02-2018 02:43 PM


    To make simple yet effective Conversion Rate Optimization set out for your website

    Analysis Overview

    The efficacy to convert visitors into customers through desirable actions on your digital medium is termed as Conversion rate optimization (CRO). This article contains a pithy approach to carry out a maiden CRO analysis. The following are the key aspects of the same,   

    • Understanding the critical user journey within the site
    • Enabling more users to undergo the best converting route
    • Optimizing user journey
    • Adding or removing critical contents on page
    • Understanding the need and serve audience based on their behavior
    • Retain audience from being dropped off before conversion
    • Learning the best suitable layout for your website
    • Improving the reputation of your website
    • Better user experience

    Is this article for you?

    • If you are new to testing and optimization
    • If you want to start optimization on your site
    • If your customer's pageview interaction is the only thing that's tagged
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