15 Years of DAA

By Rusty Rahmer posted 04-19-2019 02:35 PM


A 15 year anniversary is a very significant milestone for any organization. For DAA you could make the case that this anniversary is even a little bit more important than for others.  Why?  I believe we're the only community entity that's existed for 15 years in the digital analytics industry. That gives us the unique perspective of what has been, the history of how we got here, where we are today and a vision on where we are going in the future.

15 Years is an incredible milestone! We’re so proud to be leading the way for the community of practice after so many years. I think the most impressive part of achieving this anniversary is thinking about how much growth and change we have seen in our industry and how the practice of digital analytics, and ultimately the role of the digital analyst, has evolved. At the same time, I think that all of that incredible change has been exactly what brings membership together and strengthens the DAA.

This community has been at the forefront of applying digital analytics to solve business problems for 15 years. They’ve been there and done that. They continue to push the level of sophistication of our practice, be sought after voices to drive the evolution of our tool stack, and continuously challenge what is possible. As we push the edge of possibility forward, we also teach each other what we’ve learned. We share, we teach, we grow the community of practice. That’s the real inflection point and differentiator for the DAA, creating and shaping the best practices for our industry.

I can’t wait to see how this industry continues to grow and evolve. 5 years ago, data was just noun… a chart, a report, a study… now it’s a verb powering the next conversation with our customers. Artificial intelligence is going to help us take that to even greater scale. Machine learning will help us optimize on more factors and dimensions than previously possible and pivot in near real time as the influencing factors change. The Internet of Things will bring us more connectivity, capability… and oh yea… data! The proliferation of specialized digital analytics roles (i.e. SEO, SEM, Tag Engineer, Testing/Optimization, Audience Manager, etc.) will continue, and so will the all of the sophistication of our tools. It’s such an exciting era for everyone in the business. I think of how we will figure all of this out, stay on top of it all, and continue to develop our skills, and I know the DAA community will continue to be at the heart of the answer to that. The DAA and the conversation happening in the community is as critical and relevant today, as it was 15 years ago.

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