Directors' Cut - December 2018

By Rusty Rahmer posted 9 days ago


Our November Board of Directors (BoD) meeting is officially in the books! Thought I’d appeal to the analyst in you and frame my thoughts/takeaways around some key numbers/metrics!

Spoiler Alert: I’m about to let a few “cats out of the bag” so you have to promise to forget your source!

·         90% - The number of hands raised during the DAA Hub Conference when asked how many attendees were members of the Digital Analytics Association.

Talk about humbling! If you aren’t aware of the DA Hub Conference, the event assembles some of the most senior practitioners and analytics leaders in the industry for it’s a very unique, huddle/topic based discussion format… a format ideal for the industry hardcore. For many of the Board who were in attendance, witnessing 90% of this amazingly talented group of industry leaders’ hands raised was an incredible moment that brought a lot pride… and a healthy sense of duty and obligation to this community!
In a world saturated with digital marketing and analytics events, the Board will continue to explore ways for the DAA to serve the community and to support events like DA Hub that represent exceptional industry content.

·         14 – The number of years the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) has been in existence!

In 2019 the DAA will celebrate its 15th year as a non-profit organization serving the web and digital analyst community. If, after that statement, you feel the need to call me out for saying the “DAA” has been around 15 years without mentioning the WAA, consider yourself an industry OG! For those you who don’t know what the WAA is… hang in there! Over the course of 2019 we’ll be commemorating our (collective) anniversary as a community with a celebration of our past and future. You can expect to hear from the legends that paved the way the industry and the next generation of digital analytics thought leaders primed to solve next batch of challenges… all sharing their perspectives on the past, present, and future of our industry!

·         1 – Almost old enough to drive, the DAA will be launching its FIRST ever national conference event!

While we are still very passionate about our local symposium, we feel the time is right to leverage our large membership and vast network to bring personalities from the legacy and future of our digital analytics industry together for some next level thought leadership discussion. We have a lot of work ahead of us planning this event... in fact we’re just nailing down the location and dates, but you can expect to hear more about this exciting event as things take shape!

So that's my update for this month. As always I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, critiques, etc.! 



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