Ask DAA Anything: Q&A

By Marilee Yorchak posted 01-25-2019 06:18 PM


DAA held our first “Ask Me Anything” call for our members and not-yet members… and we all learned something! Here are some of the questions that came up:


Q:  What is new in DAA this year?

A:  New programs for 2019 in DAA include the rollout of an expanded mentoring program, the next short course certificate (data science skills for the digital analyst), research studies for next year (gender equality maturity model and post GDPR) and the upcoming DAA OneConference (Oct. 23-24 in Chicago).


Q:  It’s been awhile since I got my CWA Certification. Is it hard to get re-certified?  If I want my staff to get it, do I have to send them to a testing center?

A:  It should not be hard to get renewed, as the time period has been extended to 3 years from 2, and there are more opportunities to get CEUs (both through DAA and outside DAA).  For new test takers - the test is all online. Our certification administrator is happy to help guide applicants through the process or help those that need to get re-certified. The CWA exam is not specific to analytics tools, and is not about memorization, but rather reflects broader knowledge and experience in the field.


Q:  Will there be more events in my chapter? (Chicago member)

A:  We are encouraging all chapters to have quarterly events and Chicago is also the site for the global conference for DAA.  As a member, you can connect with your local Chapter Leaders with ideas for an event or to get involved too.  Local chapter leaders are always looking for speakers, a place to host a DAA chapter event, and for help planning an event. 


Q:  How are you going to communicate the updates to the DAA Self-Assessment?

A:  110 new resources have been mapped and there will be a soft skills component added in 2019.  DAA will send an email on this, and mention it in the professional development quarterly newsletter.


Q:  How often does DAA send emails?

A:  DAA strives very hard to adhere to best practices of no more than 2-3 emails per week to our members. The monthly e-newsletter has strong open rates, and we plan to include a minimum of one thought leadership article in each issue.


Hopefully, we were able to answer everyone’s questions.  The DAA staff truly enjoys talking with our members and hearing from you.  Please join us for our next call, Mon, Feb 11 at 2:00 pm ET and bring your questions!



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