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By Marilee Yorchak posted 05-29-2018 01:56 PM


GDPR – Making Sense of It Yet?

Well - May 25 has come and gone. As everyone knows, that was the deadline for GDPR. Hopefully, everyone is feeling more comfortable about the requirements and moving towards full compliance.

DAA has compiled some resources from our members over the last few months that can also be of assistance:


Overview of GDPR: DAA Thought Leader Conversation & Open Q&A with Julie Mayer, Sr. Privacy Manager, Marketing & Consumer Business, Microsoft

Webinar from DAA Corporate Member Cardinal Path: GDPR Roadmap for Marketers: Getting Your Organization Primed for Compliance

Webinar from DAA Corporate Member AT Internet: GDPR & Digital Analytics: Are You Ready?



From DAA Corporate Member AT Internet: Digital Analytics and the the GDPR: Five Things You Must Know

From Sergio Maldonado, Chairman of DAA Corporate Member Sweetspot: Digital Analytics and GDPR Compliance

From DAA Corporate Member ObservePoint: The Marketer and Analyst’s Role in Compliance

From DAA Corporate Member Tealium: How to Design Your Supply Chain for GDPR

From DAA Corporate Member Blast Analytics & Marketing: 5 Actionable Steps to GDPR Compliance with Google Analytics


Other interesting and relevant articles:

As GDPR Looms, What are the Biggest Uncertainties?

Ten Informative GDPR Articles Compliance-Seekers Must Read

GDPR Requirements in Plain English

There have also been many threads and conversations in the DAA Community and the Member Open Forum. We hope you will continue to have discussions together on this important topic.

In addition, DAA has updated our own privacy policy in accordance with GDPR.




06-15-2018 11:02 AM

What a fantastic compilation of resources! Thank you for compiling this list!

I've found that adhering to GDPR is complex for both large organizations and small ones. There's a lot of questions and different interpretations of the regulation.  It has been interesting to see how various companies do (or don't) comply.

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