DAA Member Benefit: Certified Web Analyst

By Marilee Yorchak posted 02-27-2018 05:30 PM


As a DAA member, you get a significant discount on the certification program that DAA offers - the Certified Web Analyst (CWA).

Certification sets you apart from your colleagues, and it is another way to improve your skill set to be recognized for your accomplishments. A professional certification goes a long way towards building your credibility and personal brand. Recent research by Simplilearn found that a high majority (76%) of professionals who completed an online certification reported bumps in both salary and job fulfillment.

The CWA exam is totally online, so it can be taken anywhere at any time. Members get a significant discount over nonmembers ($200). And – if your company is a corporate member of DAA – your application is FREE (the number depends on your level).

Today is the day that you should consider becoming certified as a web analyst and investing in yourself and your personal career growth!



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