DAA's Most Active Chapter: Toronto

By Marilee Yorchak posted 12-14-2017 02:42 PM


DAA's Toronto Chapter holds an event virtually every month, making it the most active DAA chapter. Enthusiastic and talented chapter leaders are the secret behind their success. @Baris Akyurek, @June Li, @Sharon Flynn, @Joey Guo, and @Jose Davila are the current leaders. They typically meet in November or December to plan out the events and venues for the following year. Each event is focused on learning and the chapter works very hard to produce events that are truly thought-leadership oriented. One of the highlights of 2017 was a Google hosted breakfast.

Typically, Toronto Chapter events draw between 30-55 people. Chapter Leader Sharon Flynn noted, "We have engaged in active volunteer outreach, expanded the chapter leaders group, and encouraged volunteers to participate by keeping the time committment for volunteering to no more than two to three hours a week. People participate as their schedules allow."

"Involvement in the Toronto Chapter helps our local analytics community stay abreast of industry changes. In Canada, digital teams are often small or even one person so having a wider community helps keep everyone current."

Everyone on the leadership team is a veteran of the industry. Backgrounds are varied including both those from the client and agency sides across multiple industries. Sharon Flynn commented, "I think this variety helps keep us open minded to a wide range of topics and presentation styles. I also know without the work of Chapter Leader June Li our Toronto Chapter would not be nearly as successful. She is a strong leader in the chapter." ​​​​​​


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