NYC Chapter: A Well-Oiled Machine

By Marilee Yorchak posted 08-16-2017 01:09 PM


A commitment to provide exceptional educational value on topics of great interest to digital analysts is the driving force behind much of the DAA New York City Chapter's success. Orchestrated by chapter leaders David Millrod, Sangah Bae, and Randal Ries and bolstered by dependable volunteers, DAA NYC Chapter's past 12 months illustrate how this commitment has played out in action:
     •  November 2016 - Session on social media analytics with
        speakers from Starwood, Shareablee, W2O Group, and 
        Huffington Post
     •  February 2017 - Presentation by data visualization expert Dona
     • April 2017 - Annual DAA NYC Chapter Symposium 
     • June 2017 – Fun night at MeasureBowling

Chapter leader David Millrod remarked, "The digital analytics field is constantly evolving. One trend that began long ago but feels like it is accelerating is the intersection between digital analytics and the broader analytics industry. We're having our next event on September 18 at LinkedIn on the topic of marrying digital analytics platforms and data warehouses." Chapter leader Sangah Bae added, "There's also great interest in data integration and processing data that you don't own (i.e. 2nd and 3rd party) to make it relevant to your business."

David continued, "NYC has a great concentration of talent in the digital analytics space. These are people who are often deeply immersed in their projects and teams. It takes a group like DAA's NYC Chapter to pry them away and keep the conversation going."

NYC Chapter participants at MeasureBowlingA few of the DAA NYC Chapter participants at the MeasureBowling event in June 2017.



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