Kudos to DAA's Seattle Chapter

By Marilee Yorchak posted 05-12-2017 10:58 AM


Did you know that as a DAA member, you can join any DAA local chapter at no cost? If your work takes you to other cities, consider adding additional chapter affiliations to your membership. Just email us and add a new chapter. 

If you're ever in the Seattle area, definitely consider adding a membership to the local chapter.

On November 3rd, the DAA Seattle chapter hosted a resoundingly successful Symposium, Wheels Up. The committee put together an all-star speaker line-up that generated great interest. With a committee like that it's no wonder the Seattle Symposium continues to grow year after year.

In addition to the annual symposium, the Seattle DAA chapter averages just over one event per month including meet ups held at Analytics Pros.

The DAA extends special thanks to the Seattle chapter leadership behind this thriving chapter: Aaron Fossum, Director of Analytics, Search Discovery; Tina Munro, Director of Marketing, eSage Group; Shiyi Pickrell, Digital Analytics and Measure Group Manager, Microsoft; and Charlotte Whitmore, Owner/Founder, Analytics Pros. These chapter leaders are much appreciated by everyone at DAA! 




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