DAA Launches New Women in Analytics Community

By Marilee Yorchak posted 10-04-2016 03:40 PM


A few months ago, DAA received an email from Thought Leader Krista Seiden.   Krista works for Google and she shared that there was an active group of female analysts who had created a group called Women@Analytics. Krista’s question to us was whether DAA should jump on board and create a similar community for DAA members.   

DAA tested the waters by sending out a survey to members and found both sufficient interest in creating this group and a strong interest in those who were willing to volunteer to help make things happen.   This was DAA’s first inkling that there was a deep vein of interest in this topic.

From the moment the Women in Analytics (WiA) community launched, we have been making strides!   Here is what WiA has accomplished in three short months.


  • Has a sense of who it is and what it is about.  
    • WiA Mission:  What are we here to do? Provide education, advocacy, and influence in order to increase understanding and activate resolution of issues facing women in analytics.

      WiA Vision:  What kind of world do we want to see? An analytics profession that supports gender equality.
  • Holds monthly calls to help connect WiA community members and keep moving action items forward.   Look under “events” in the WiA community to see when the next one will be held.  
  • Has key action items in mind to help affect change, such as providing networking, highlighting leadership opportunities for women and finding ways to help bring more women into the profession.
  • Will hold in-person lunch meetings in three locations in the fall – eMetrics NYC (10/26), DAA Seattle Symposia (11/3) and DAA San Francisco (11/9). The Seattle and San Francisco lunches are being held with the generous support of Google and Analytics Pros is assisting with the lunch at eMetrics.
  • Jumpstarted dialogue about the creation of a new compensation survey.   This new resource will be available in early 2017. It will focus on the profession as a whole, but will also include questions specific to gender and race to help measure equality issues. This compensation study was made possible through the generous support of Google.
  • Will create a regular blog to showcase women who are successful analysts and to highlight issues important to females in this profession. If you have ideas for topics that you would like to see covered or if you have someone who you think should be spotlighted, please share that here.

So what is missing from WiA?   Well, if you are not a member yet - you. We welcome all DAA members to join us – women and men. Please join and get involved so that you can help evolve this profession into all that it can be. 

Special thanks to our Community Manager, Laura Garrison-Brook, for helping nurture and grow this important community.


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