Seven IT Hiring Trends For the Year Ahead

By Kimberly Mosley posted 08-12-2021 11:15 AM


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry, fundamentally altering the way most organizations conduct daily business — and that includes how we recruit, hire, and retain IT talent.

Robert Half Technology surveyed more than 2,800 senior managers in the US to gauge the hiring and salary trends for 2021 as companies continue to contend with the pandemic, the resulting rise of remote work, and the need to fill key technical roles at a distance. From Robert Half’s report, it appears that many COVID quick fixes are likely to stick around long after the pandemic subsides, with 74% of more than 1,000 workers surveyed in the US saying they “want to work remotely more frequently following the pandemic” — a desire that analytics leaders will have to keep in mind as the competition for top talent rages on.

According to Robert Half Technology, the seven key IT hiring trends for the year ahead:

  • IT talent shortages will continue
  • Interviewing and onboarding remain virtual
  • Remote jobs/WFH will increase
  • Accelerated hiring process
  • A strong focus on retention
  • Soft skills still in demand
  • Increased communication and collaboration

While there are more than enough negatives about the pandemic, companies did find a few silver linings to the changes that were influenced by COVID-19. Of those surveyed, 38% said they found it led to “more frequent communication from leadership,” 37% said it improved collaboration, and 32% said it allowed for more innovation. In addition, 31% said that the changes prompted by COVID-19 “allowed for greater transparency into business priorities,” and 30% said it allowed for more efficient processes. While the pandemic has undoubtedly altered the way we do business, it’s also helped businesses embrace change, find flexibility, and modernize hiring strategies.

As you consider hiring for your own analytics team and recognize how these trends may impact your search, DAA is here to support you. Take advantage of our career center or plan to participate in our upcoming Virtual Career Fair this fall. 

This blog excerpts from 7 IT hiring trends for 2021 by Sarah K. White, featured on



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    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every industry, fundamentally altering the way most organizations conduct daily ...