The Quanties, and Who Should Be Nominated For One

By Joseph Miscavige posted 07-02-2020 03:06 PM

You should nominate yourself for a Quantie.

I’m serious. You should. Right now. You can do it right here. You have until July 12th to do it. In fact, you only have to start the nomination and push the submit button by the 12th. The DAA will then contact the nominee to complete the nomination. What are you waiting for?

I think a lot of analysts and people in this space think that what they do is either too run of the mill or too nuanced to be appreciated and awarded – NOT TRUE. If you work hard and you’re proud of what you do you should have the chance to be recognized for that work and that’s where the Quanties come in.

So: why should you do it and why should you listen to me? As the winner of the 2018 Practitioner of the Year Quantie, I’ll tell you:

It’s an incredible feeling to go from “What’s a Quantie?” to “Sure I'll nominate myself but it's not going to go anywhere” to “Oh, I’m a finalist?” to actually winning! Saying to yourself, “You know what? I deserve recognition for what I do” is a powerful step of self-affirmation that not enough people take. I’ll admit: It was difficult for me to get into that mindset.

It’s a great way to push yourself, both professionally and personally. Professionally, you get the opportunity to tell other super-smart people in your field about all the great work you’ve done and continue to do. It never hurts to let people know about the cool stuff you’re working on.

Personally, it’s a great way to challenge yourself, especially if you nominate yourself for one of the live competition awards. This feels like a good time to back up and note that there are two types of Quanties: one where the winner is decided ahead of time via voting and another that is decided via live competition. Yes, that’s right – once you make it through to the Finalist stage, you then have to get up on a stage and compete with your fellow finalists. What a great way to force yourself to (if only for the evening) get over your fears of presenting.

Being recognized by your peers and fellow DAA members is incredibly gratifying. It’s a way of confirming, “No, I’m not alone – there are other people out there that can appreciate what I’m doing and what skills I bring to the table.” It speaks highly of this organization that it takes the time to celebrate their own.

Now’s the time! Nominate yourself or someone you respect/admire/feel deserves to be acknowledged. July 12th is getting closer everyday; don’t wait until next year for your chance to be recognized.


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  • You should nominate yourself for a Quantie. I’m serious. You should. Right now. You can do it right here . You have until ...