Why Working with Staffing Companies Is Smart Business During a Pandemic

By Jeff Burkhardt posted 08-18-2020 08:56 AM

If history is the teacher it has been deemed to be, we have learned that economies, during stressed and recessed times, force us to look for creative answers to solve pressing business-related dilemmas. Despite a current 10.2% unemployment rate, and more than 30 million Americans receiving some form of unemployment-related assistance, hiring continues for companies looking to keep up with growing production and delivery demands.

However, the challenge employers, who are seeking new talent, and candidates, who are looking for opportunities have, is a central one. For employers, it comes down to the best, and usually most cost-effective way, to hire new talent. For candidates, it comes down to how to best connect with employers seeking to hire professionals. And if life and business altering events like 9/11, the 2008 Housing Crisis, and now the COVID-19 Pandemic have shown, there are clear obstacles both employers and candidates face, when it comes to employment, during these uncertain times.

Companies, hesitant to make long-term hiring investments when times are compromised, look to staffing firms to bridge the gap and keep business running until the economy and business market stabilizes. Contract staffing, charged on an hourly basis, may be more prudent financial investments for companies apprehensive to spend significant recruiting and training dollars associated with full-time staffing. Contract personnel are exceptional resources to consider for companies, who would like to “try before they buy” individuals, to see not only if they can afford hiring these resources as full-time personnel, but if the contracted resources fit the company culture and further, get the job done. According to global HR Solutions and Technology company CareerBuilder, 66% of hiring managers feel using staffing firms is an effective way to gain access to the right candidates for their companies.

Candidates, eager to identify employment, are ripe to consider contract staffing opportunities, more so even should contract positions hold the potential for full-time employment. Yet surprisingly, only 18% of available job candidates, according to studies performed by the American Staffing Association, consider using the services of staffing firms, like firstPRO, when looking for a new job. Ironically, once engaging in the services of a staffing firm, nearly 75% of candidates surveyed state they enjoyed a positive experience. Further, of candidates surveyed, who have utilized the services offered by staffing companies, 41% identified new employment.

The results seem to speak for themselves.

If you are a company contemplating effective ways to hire new talent, or are a candidate seeking effective ways to identify and land new career opportunities, you owe it to your yourself to contact an experienced staffing and recruiting firm such as firstPRO. Contact me today to learn more. And stay well.

firstPRO is proud to be the DAAs Career Center Sponsor for 2020-2021. A full-service IT, Accounting & Finance, and Supply Chain staffing and recruiting company, with offices in Philadelphia and Boston, firstPRO supports our clients and candidates alike, by providing exceptional levels of customer service.

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