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By Jeff Burkhardt posted 06-15-2020 12:42 PM

I told myself, when I started to write this blog, that I would not stoop to a series of references involving the ‘P’ word – meaning Pandemic, while writing. After all, we have been overloaded with negative story after negative story, and one deflating article after another, about the damage the Pandemic has waged on society, not only in our backyard, but globally. We know about the profound impacts the Pandemic has had on the lives of millions, as well as on the world’s economy. In many ways, life as we knew it, pre-Pandemic, may never quite be the same.

After a dozen rewrites, I realized we cannot get away from the ‘P’ word, so we should make the best of it.

How, might you ask, we make the best of something so life-shaking as a Pandemic? Well, if you think about it, there has been some good that has come forth over the past few months. I am an external optimist. There is always a proverbial silver lining someplace out there. However sometimes, you need to step back to see it. Consider:

  1. Won’t you be my Neighbor? Seems Fred Rogers was onto something when we were kids. I do not know about you but being stuck at home reminded me that I had neighbors. Really nice people that are more than a distant wave, when we used to run off to places. It was fun getting to know them again. A sense of true community spirit was renewed in communities far and wide. We learned who essential heroes really are. We were reminded the value of giving back to others and giving of ourselves. Saying “Thank You” meant something again. We reflected on what matters in life and were reminded on what it is we should focus.
  2. Technology thrived. As a professional in the IT staffing and recruiting industry, I like to think I stay in step with technology, utilizing all the efficiencies technology offers. Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams became necessary and productive tools to keep business, and life, running. Technology drove workflow changes during the Pandemic, with companies shifting from outdated business models, while implementing revolutionary changes in work habits. WFH is the new normal for many. And let us not forget how technology has reinforced ways for us to stay in touch, over the internet, with those we unfortunately could not see face-to-face, during the COVID-19 crisis.
  3. We got educated. We learned we are vulnerable creatures. We learned that preparedness is something we cannot ever take for granted. We learned that sometimes less is truly more. We learned about the value of one another and how coming together is better than coming apart. History is an excellent teacher, and these past 3 months have certainly been historical in nature.

Making lemonade from lemons has been the standard lately. Let us try to remember we control just how sweet our lemonade should be. Thanks for reading.

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