Defining the Digital Analytics Competency Framework

By Jacki Conn posted 05-06-2014 02:26 PM

The digital analytics profession has undergone significant transformation in the last decade. The DAA is seeking volunteers to help define the knowledge and skills required for digital analysts to be successful now and in the future. The Digital Analytics Competency Framework will be the first of its kind for the profession. In order to truly understand the competencies, the DAA needs professionals of diverse roles, organizations, and career levels to participate in this paramount project.

The Digital Analytics Competency Framework that you will help create will have a long-lasting impact on the industry.  Through this project you will develop leadership skills and enhance your network, benefiting you both professionally and personally.  This project will allow you to network with industry experts and thought leaders, engage fellow members in meaningful dialogue, work collaboratively fostering a spirit of innovation and creativity, and contribute first hand to knowledge creation. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of something truly monumental.

Why is the DAA defining the Digital Analytics Competency Framework?

The competency framework is intended to provide a professional development roadmap to which the DAA can develop and align career paths, training programs, and other education products and services.
A primary goal of the project is to establish the DAA as the authoritative source of information, resources, continuing education, and thought leadership related to the digital analytics profession. Therefore, the DAA intends for the Digital Analytics Competency Framework to provide a common language for the profession; clarify the expected knowledge and skills that are core to all roles in the profession as well as those that are required in areas of specialized practice; and inform development of DAA’s education products and services.

The resulting competency framework will:

  • Articulate the tasks and requisite knowledge and skills across all levels of the digital analytics profession;
  • Reflect the various levels of responsibility, complexity, and difficulty that characterize entry- through expert-level jobs across the entire digital analytics profession; and
  • Identify which competencies are core to the profession and which are associated with areas of specialized practice.

How will the Competency Framework be developed?

The development of the competency framework will be facilitated by psychometricians who will guide our volunteer subject matter experts through the process of defining the job tasks, knowledge, and skills for the profession.

How can you help define the Digital Analytics Competency Framework?

Please join one of the following volunteer opportunities.

1.    The Competency Development Taskforce: Volunteers will report to the DAA Board of Directors and will oversee the entire Digital Analytics Competency Framework project and serve as the final decision-making body.

Timeframe: Spring 2014, running through the end of 2014, approximately two – four hours a month

Activities: Volunteers will participate in one-hour monthly conference calls, providing strategic direction for the Digital Analytics Competency Framework project, reviewing content, searching for and synthesizing resources.

2.    Subject Matter Experts:  Volunteers will be working under the direction of trained workshop facilitators to identify the job tasks performed and the knowledge and skills required of professionals in the industry.

:  Spring 2014, three–day meeting with one – two follow up conference calls

Activities: Volunteers are needed for a three-day facilitated meeting to identify a comprehensive list of the primary tasks and related knowledge and skills that are required of digital analytics professionals at any level of the profession.  First, the job task analysis panel will identify the tasks that are performed at all career levels. Panelists will then define competencies that are unique to specialized roles in the digital analytics profession. Next, panelists will break into smaller groups by career level, to define the tasks that are unique to each career level. Finally, the panelists will identify the knowledge and skills required to perform each of the tasks at each career level.

Please join the DAA in defining the framework for how we will educate, learn, and navigate careers in the digital analytics field. The resulting framework will become a key and valued tool in our industry but we cannot complete this pivotal piece of work without your assistance and support. Help define your own career and future by signing up for one of the volunteer opportunities. Please email me today for more details.

Jacki Conn, Education Manager, Digital Analytics Association


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