12 Takeaways from ObservePoint Validate 2018

By Hector Olguin posted 10-20-2018 01:13 AM


As I was horsebacking riding in the crisp autumn air with a group of analytic professionals from across the country, I realized the conference tagline was pretty accurate: An Industry Event Unlike Any Other.

ObservePoint Validate 2018 - Horseriding Experience

I attended the ObservePoint’s Validate 2018 conference in Park City, Utah. It was a great time. The education was interesting, and there were awesome activities that got us all outside. The activities were not the usual group dinner and drinks, which they also had. Everyone was given the choice of two of the following experiences: horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, yoga, fly fishing and golfing. The activities provided a unique opportunity to make new friends in an adventurous atmosphere.

The education was great too. The focus was on data governance and pretty much every session I attended was a homerun. So you don’t have to just take my word, I asked some of my new friends to share one of their biggest takeaway from the conference. Here they are.

The Importance of Clean Data on Machine Learning and AI.

Aimee Bos - Director Analytics Strategy - Blast Analytics & Marketing

Have 5-10 KPIs That Point Back to Business Objects

Jarin Smith - CHG Healthcare Services

Adam Greco presented all about this in his session on How to Get Executives to Care About Data Governance. Here were two slides that I thought hit the key points.

Filter Journeys and Batch Runs

Cindy Vickery - Senior Digital Acceptance Testing Specialist - Marriott International

Here is a screenshot of the tool. These multi-select options can save you a lot of clicks!

Use Agile Processes Outside of Development

Eric Hansen - Sr. Product Manager, Digital Analytics - Western Governors University

Document Everything & Start It With A Hook

Sabnam Islam - eCommerce Analytics - Lululemon Athletica

Data Governance Is A Challenge Across All Organizations

Kerry Hew - Advanced Analytics Consultant, MarTech Advisor - SYNTASA

Dive Into Your Data & See Where You Need To Improve

Ankita Jain - Associate Implementation Developer - Intouch Solutions

Everyone Has Problems (with data)

Adriel Francois - Marketing Operations Senior Analyst - Hotwire

Data Governance Strategy

Justin Frary - Advisor, Data Analytics - Cardinal Health

Along that line, we heard from John Livingston, Sr Manager, Technical Consulting Practice Lead at Adobe. His presentation focused on a data governance maturity model. His presentation went pretty deep into all the components needed to build a data drive organization.

He even provided a handout. You can grab that here: http://bit.ly/acs-dgmm-2018

Get Your Data Governance Team

Archana Thumati - Digital Analytics Manager - Essendant

Tag Hierarchy Visualizations

Pavan Valluri - Sr. Web Analyst - AutoZone

The visual tag hierarchy is great to find those speed robbing tags and piggybacking tags. Check it out: https://www.observepoint.com/tag-hierarchy/

LiveConnect + Selenium Scripts = Awesome!

Joe Christopher - VP of Analytics - Blast Analytics & Marketing

ObservePoint Validate was quite the rollercoaster. I learned a lot and even make some new friends. A big thanks to them above for sharing their insights. Now, don't be totally bummed if you missed out on Validate this year. Lucky for you, there is the ObservePoint virtual Analytics Summit on October 25!

They have impressive lineup of speakers, include DAA members! So free up some time on your calendar and enjoy. 



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