My 2020 Top Consultant of the Year Nomination

By Garrett Mark Scott posted 08-05-2020 05:11 PM


Weekly Client Performance Report

Featured Project for Top Consultant of the Year

An automated weekly email report providing client to client comparative data so we know which clients need the most help. This aids our key business requirement of client retention. We are a business with a bottom line, it is the clients that are struggling most that are our highest risk.

Included in this email are statistically accurate visualizations & tables where outliers have been removed through means of standard deviation and clients’ growth momentum are compared against each other using Z-scores in various time intervals familiar to the automotive industry. 

To ensure trust by our team & clients, I had to create an efficient tag auditing solution. Not having the funding for progressive bot testing, I created the “Tag Guardian.” In short, I have a SQL table of expected behaviors & an expected time period that they should fire. Each night, code matches the GA API events and the expected event behaviors based on event category, action, and label parameters using RegEx. If an expected conversion behavior does not happen in the expected time range, it triggers a logic formula that gives it a “Severity Score” of 7.2 and then exponentially increase depending on the importance of the event. I.E something that should fire every 3 days is going to grow faster on the severity scale than if the expected time range was 30 days. This allows a top-to-bottom ranking of most important tags to fix up first. I am managing over 1,000 tags of active clients with this tool, including 3rd party iFrame events.

Current features includes clients' combined average web sessions within 1 standard deviation, a histogram of weekly conversion rate instances, client “Performance Scores” from Google Ads (a custom KPI), as well as the client momentum scores that are based on leads collected on through website. Again, the primary use case for all this is client retention to help aid our bottom line. So far, even with COVID, this year has the best client retention rate to date.

Video Overview:


Example Screenshots

The Weekly Performance Report Email
(Everything, including G-Sheets is automated in cloud)


Viewing the Comparative Client Momentum with Z-Scores
(Added performance manager (PM) thumbnails to add accountability)


"Tag Guardian" Used to help Govern Data
(SQL table that joins expected event behaviors with GA events)


DAA Involvement
(Leading digital implementation revamp & serving as task force member for community site)


Helping Give Back as a Mentor
(Unofficial, she is not a DAA member, yet!)


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