I have created a new LinkedIn group for Analytics and SEO Automation

By Alban Gerome posted 05-16-2019 07:27 AM

Hello everybody,

I am visiting yet another European capital for my 26th MeasureCamp, my 3rd one this year. I am now in Rome, Italy for the biggest web analytics event in the country. I will be posting a link to my SlideShare deck on Saturday or Sunday but for now, this blog post is about a new group I have created on LinkedIn.

Bill Gates famously said that he would much rather hire a lazy employee to do a complicated task because they would find an easy way to do it. A few of us in Europe have been adopting a more streamlined approach to Analytics and SEO, independently from each other and yet at around the same time. If we had been doing this at completely different times I may have not noticed any trend of sorts but precisely because of these efforts happening in a very short timeframe I felt like we needed a group to bring everybody together.


You may have been listening to Erik Driessen on the Analytics Hour not too long ago. He spoke about automation and headless browsers. Mike Osolinski has presented at BrightonSEO, a major UK SEO conference, how he is scripting the Screaming Frog crawler to automate his work. Lukáš Čech has presented at MeasureCamp Bratislava 2018 and 2019 how he uses CasperJS and Gulp.js. I have myself ran at MeasureCamp London 2015 a demo of the now archived PhantomJS headless browser but a few weeks ago I have also presented how I now use Powershell to automate web-based tools in Internet Explorer.

So if you have examples of using technologies listed above or others I have not mentioned, examples where you have been able to streamline a part of your analytics or SEO work routine, this is the group for you. If you are wondering if there could be a better way of doing what you currently do as a web analyst or SEO specialist, this is the group for you also. All I am asking is that if you use someone's solution listed in the group, please give them credit for it.

Watch this space for another post with a link to my SlideShare deck for MeasureCamp Rome. This will be about implementing analytics in a simpler, vendor-agnostic way, basically tagging differently.




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