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DAA Education Survey – What Does it Mean for You as a Member

By Adrienne Segundo posted 01-14-2019 01:45 PM


Because DAA is data driven and member focused, the recent survey from DAA Education team provided some keen insights into your education and training needs and is helping us to formulate the offerings for 2019.

The survey was sent to all current DAA members and non-members and had a total of 311 responses. Here’s what we learned from you and how we are using the information:

  • 68% of respondents have worked in the field of digital analytics for 5-10 years, 22.26% for 10 – 20 years, and 18.06% for 3-5 years.
  • Result: We will be making sure we have education pathways for each of these segments, as each segment has different needs.
  • 70% preferred eLearning without an instructor (on-demand), 47.91% preferred eLearning with an instructor but not self-paced (i.e. live webinar), and 40.84% preferred to attend a DAA chapter event in person.
  • Result: We will continue to develop our short courses and offer on-demand learning; we will be expanding our webinar series with DAA Webinar Wednesdays, and we will continue to subsidize chapter events with the goal of an event once a quarter for each chapter.  In addition, the DAA Essentials Courses, long only offered in person, will be also offered online in 2019.
  • A good majority of the respondents have not utilized the DAA Self-Assessment tool. Let’s change this – check out our DAA Self-Assessment tool and see how DAA education can help you!
  • Result: We will expand all efforts to increase awareness of this valuable tool.  Over 110 new resources have been mapped to the Self-Assessment tool in the last two months!
  • Quite a few stated that they would be interested in additional training in soft-skills.
  • Result: You will see a webinar in February on conscious communication, in addition to a year-long plan to expand up the self-assessment tool by adding a soft skills component.
  • 72.03% said they are interested in seeing more educational offerings in Advanced Analytics: AI and Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, 72.99% said Communication: Storytelling – Creating a Story from Data, Data Visualization, Gaining Attention from Executives, 70.42% said Measurement:  Data Capture and Measurement, Implementation/Technical Expertise, Omni Channel Measurement, Social Measurement, and 66.88% said Industry: New Trends in Digital Analytics, Analytical Business Culture, Core Digital Analytic Functions.
  • Result: Look for potential new educational offerings (short courses, webinars, etc) with these areas, as well as in-person events that have these topics (chapter events, DAA OneConference).

Rest assured that your success in digital analytics is our goal. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Education Department. If you want to get involved and volunteer to be a part of the development of any of these education offerings, we’d love to have you!  Just let us know!




01-16-2019 09:22 PM

Love the actionable results! Thank you for listening, as always DAA.

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