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Real-Time Dashboarding with Google Analytics and BigQuery

  • 1.  Real-Time Dashboarding with Google Analytics and BigQuery

    Posted 08-26-2019 11:57 AM


    Over a year ago, Google offered a new way to export GA data into BigQuery, that is streaming data in a near real-time fashion instead of the batch updates 3 times a day. We thought of many scenarios where this can be helpful. We learned a lot through these discussions and implementations throughout last year.

    Analysis Overview: 

    Here are the most common use cases:

    1. A retailer was interested in creating a flexible alert system that sends out e-mails and/or SMSs when the number of sessions, pageviews, or transactions goes below a certain threshold compared to the same day and hour of last week.
    2. Another retailer was interested in building a dashboard showing key measurements, such as number of sessions, pageviews, and transactions, by the hour on a live dashboard, to monitor the site performance.
    3. Another client, a video site, was interested mainly to get the user behavior data in a near real-time fashion exported, to process it further, and apply predictive analytics to it. The client could then do several things with it, such as:
      1. Detect users who are about to churn, unsubscribe, or leave the site and offer them a special discount, i.e.instead of giving away the discount to users who are staying anyway.
      2. Personalize the user's experience based on his previous watch history or based on clustering look-alike users and recommending to them videos that they are likely to be interested in.

    All of these scenarios have a great impact on the user experience and ultimately on the business.

    We'll focus on the second scenario above: creating an hour-by-hour live dashboard. We will also try to touch on the other use cases whenever possible.

    Dashboard showing number of session and pageviews from real-time feed compared to previous week.

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    Hazem Mahsoub Soliman
    Data Engineering Manager
    E-Nor (Corporate Account)
    Santa Clara CA
    Essential Series: Applying Digital Analytics