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Connecting Advertising Platforms to Website Analytics

  • 1.  Connecting Advertising Platforms to Website Analytics

    Posted 06-26-2020 01:15 PM
    Edited by Ariel Opelt 07-08-2020 12:15 AM

    Introduction:  Advertising data and website data are two powerful data sources for any business. Joining the data in a single location allows businesses to better understand the user journey for their customers. From the moment a user see an ad to when they converted (or didn't convert) you'll have the data you need to complete the below analysis. 

    Analysis Overview:  
    Joining advertising data might take a little work but it will open a variety of doors for reporting. Use the Analysis recipe below to uncover more than the top clicked ads. Through this analysis you'll be able to connect advertising content to your business KPIs. 

    Remember consistent naming conventions in advertising platforms and UTMs will enhance reporting regardless of the platform being used. Work with all departments to set a standard and stick with it.

    Once you have completed your initial analysis consider how you can use this data to build retargeting audiences and pass them back to your advertising platform. Users who click an ad and complete specific actions on your website might be more likely to convert than a new user. 

    Analysis Benefits:  (What are the top benefits that this analysis will provide?)

    1. Better understand what users do after clicking or views an ad
    2. Understand which placements/creatives/ads are generating the highest quality website visitors
    3. Visualize how paid media is connected to other channels including SEO and Paid Social
    4. Develop advanced audiences for users who engage with ads but haven't yet converted

    DAA members, go here to view full recipe.

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