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Mapping utm tracking into another analytics tool

  • 1.  Mapping utm tracking into another analytics tool

    Posted 09-05-2017 06:39 PM

    Experience Level: advanced – you need to have a good understanding of campaign tagging and tracking on both solutions.

    Introduction:  When transitioning from a free analytics solution to an enterprise-level one, guaranteeing an uninterrupted minimum level of audience tracking is obviously important. But it's equally vital to ensure your campaign tracking is correctly carried over to your new solution. This guide explains how to manage your campaign tracking during a transition period until new tags are fully deployed.

    Analysis Overview:  All analytics tools offer campaign tracking via configuration tools to create, import, and manage campaigns; but what happens when you are changing tools and your current tags are not compatible with the new ones? This recipe will help during that transition, and we will take the example of moving from the free version of Google Analytics.

    Remember, the process of carrying your campaign structure and tagging over from one tool to another will take different forms, depending on your campaigns and tools. What matters is to take a methodical approach, since you are probably not going to manually update all tags on all campaigns and communications.

    Analysis Benefits: 

    1. Drawing a holistic picture of all campaigns, and creating a comprehensive data structure
    2. Providing continuity in traffic source & ROI analyses
    3. Facilitating adoption of the new solution
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