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Approach to Home Page Analysis

  • 1.  Approach to Home Page Analysis

    Posted 03-27-2019 10:58 AM

    Introduction The home page is typically the main gateway page for your site. It's the first impression that your visitors will have of your site. Its role is to showcase your offerings, your value proposition and provide quick access to the most popular or important sections of your site. So, it is of utmost importance to always keep an eye on the home page to understand how it is helping the visitors in their journey.

    Analysis Overview: This recipe will explain how to carry out the home page analysis to measure the importance and effectiveness of the home page in enabling the users to utilize it in the best possible way and convert.

    Analysis Benefits:

    1. Understand the role of homepage in your site.
    2. Unleash the importance of various reports/metrics for the home page.
    3. Deliver insights for better user experience.
    4. Enable decisions on the design / assets for your home page.
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    Akhil Mehta
    Senior Consultant
    Nabler (Corporate Account)
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